Harry Enfield and Chums
Season One, Episode One
Vital statistics
Air date November 4, 1994
Written by Harry Enfield, Paul Whitehouse
Directed by John Stroud
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This is the 1st episode of Harry Enfield and Chums, first aired on BBC One on 4 November 1994. It is the successor to the previous series of Harry Enfield's Television Programme. It is the first series of episodes directed by John Stroud. It features a guest appearance by Naomi Campbell.


Tim takes over an antiques shop, the lovely wobbly randy old ladies go to the launderette, Kevin turns 13, a man with a high voice gets confused by everyday occurrences, Ben Elton becomes a feminist version of Benny Hill, and Waynetta kicks Wayne out.


Harry Enfield, Paul Whitehouse, Kathy Burke, David Barber, Gary Bleasdale, Naomi Campbell, Ron Donachie, Ben Elton, Sherry John, Alistair McGowan, Mark Moraghan, Richard O'Callaghan, Duncan Preston, Louisa Rix