Kevin Patterson is a character created and played by the British comedian, Harry Enfield. He is a stereotypical British teenager, thus earning the immortal name "Kevin the Teenager".

He became Kevin the Teenager at midnight on his 13th birthday, losing his sense of dress, power of rational thought and use of his arms. This made him ill-behaved and rude towards his despairing parents. He wears his baseball cap the wrong way, with his hair flopped over his face, and is yelling phrases such as "I hate you, I wish I'd never been born!" and insisting that everything is "so unfair!". Before turning 13, his hair was curly and he was extremely physical. Kevin is also very lazy and uncouth and is friends to another teenaged boy called Perry (played by Kathy Burke).

He got his own movie, Kevin & Perry Go Large in 2000, being the first Harry Enfield character to do so.


  • i hate you